Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh look! It's a media witch-hunt!

It's been a while,....

Been busy with work, so for the four or five of you who actually read this journal, I apologize, and I appreciate you checking back here from time to time.

I fully intend to be more active with this thing in the second quarter of this year we call 2007.


Imus, Imus, Imus,......cowboy hat-wearing, seven hundred year old Don Imus.

I am NOT a fan of Don Imus. I am a life-long Stern fan.

And being a Stern fan, I am well aware of Imus's horseshit over the years, but that being said,....

The recent firing of the low-level "shock jock" is complete bullshit.

In the same world where Limbaugh can call Obabma a "halfrican-American", where Hannity and Colmes can spew their hate-speech, where noted trans-sexual succubus Ann Coulter can call a Democratic presidential candidate a "faggot", do you mean to tell me that Imus, goofing off like a frat-boy and calling a few women on a basketball team "nappy headed ho's" is worth firing the guy?

Fire Imus cause he's not funny.

Fire Imus because his ratings are down.

Fire Imus because he is too Goddam old to still be in broadcasting but DON'T fire him by standing on some hypocritical moral high ground when scads of other broadcaters around him continue to say far more offensive things and MEAN it, to boot.

And, (here I go,...I'm gonna say it), why on God's green Earth is ANYONE subserviant to a hate-monger like Al Sharpton? Can you tell me that? Any time someone make anything close to what someone considers an "anti-black" statement, Al Sharpton and that mush-mouthed dipshit Jesse jackson come out of the woodwork calling for firings and retribution.

Let me remind those out there that may have short memories that this is the same Jesse Jackson that referred to New York as "Heimie, (Hymie?) town".

Yet despite his anti-semetic statement, he was allowed to apologize and it was waved away because allegedly he, "made that remark in private".

Oh! I SEE! It's okay to be a blathering racist in PRIVATE.

Horseshit. Complete and utter horseshit. I do not like Imus or his show but I know a sacrificial lamb when I see it. I don't know WHAT he's being sacrificed for,.....but I know it's a Witch-hunt.

The double standard continues!


Blogger perkypickle said...

ya know...

i think you have your own battles ta fight ya scurvy–irish, potato-eatin', kilt-wearin' ho!

if blackie wants to sacrifice one measley cowboy-hat wearin', self riot-ious, sonofa-fitch, radio-schmuck in order to keep the powers balanced and centralized, who are you to rock the boat?

next thing ya know, you'll want the lion to strap one on and give the ol' 'hee-ho' to the lamb!

just shaddup and be content as a passenger fer cryin out loud.

there's someone else at the wheel and everything will be fine...

ya, ferkin rat!


10:55 PM  
Blogger Fighting Irish said...



9:15 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Yay, the Police are touring again!

Er...I mean Don Imus! Yeah, Imus. He won the media witch hunt lotto this time. Perhaps he just didn't have enough "racist credits" left in the bank, his debit card expired and he just forgot to re-up with the new card.

What he said was dumb, and not funny. Hardly incendiary. He was name calling, which wasn't cool, but I thought the basketball team who was all "hurt" by it was kinda silly.

These are supposedly strong, educated athletes and they were bothered by a lame-ass insult? They should have all stood around and laughed at the media for thinking that some old fart could hurt their feelings. Give me a break. I guess it's easier to play the "victim".

12:16 PM  
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